To do

I love lists.

  • To-do lists
  • Shopping lists
  • Songs-to-download lists
  • Blog post lists

…the list goes on! If you’re heading off to college and are not a list-maker and think they’re pointless (like I used to), now’s a great time to start writing things down.

“Nah, I’ll remember. That’s why I have a brain, right??”

Wrong. You will forget. It will be a disaster. The world may even begin to self destruct. Trust me, I know- it happens every time I forget my grocery list and come home without the soba noodles that I really wanted. I simply can no longer live without my ideas and plans written out in an orderly fashion. They’ll be especially helpful when I’m juggling due dates, club meetings, classes, and free time in college.

And so, I give you my biggest to-do list, to date.

Below is a tremendous hodgepodge of things I would love to accomplish in this lifetime. Some, I’d like to do before I graduate from college, others before my final curtain call. Not all my goals are listed here, as I believe some things are best kept a bit private, but for the most part, this sums it up! I’ll be adding to this list every time I find myself caught in a whirlwind of inspiration and feel urged to set new goals. Correspondingly, I’ll be crossing them off as the goals are achieved.



Visit the Netherlands 

Swim in the Blue Lagoons in Iceland

Spend a week in Thailand and eat 10 new fruits while there

Visit Ireland 

Visit all 50 states 

See aurora borealis with Dad

Hike in the Appalachians 

Visit the Grand Canyon again

Visit India

Go on an African safari

Visit Cuba

Swim along the Great Barrier Reef

Go to Stonehenge

Spend a month in Paris

Visit Lourdes, France

See Holland’s tulip fields at their peak

Float in the Dead Sea with Mom

Summit Mt. Kilimanjaro



Learn to sail 

Join a cycling club

Run a 1/2 marathon 

Begin a Bible journal 

Spend a semester in Madrid

Go to the New York State Fair

Learn to golf…well

Become fluent in Spanish

Learn how to make a kick booty paella (while in Spain)

Spend a semester in Los Angeles and/or NYC

Learn to play soccer

Learn to ballroom dance

Go on a camping trip

Join a sorority

Start a blog 

Maintain a blog

Take a theology course

Administer Eucharist at Mass on campus

Graduate Cum Laude 

Visit Hearst castle 

Get my gosh darned driver’s license

Write a feature film length screenplay 

Get 1,000 page views in a week 

Greatly improve my yoga

Go raw for raw week 

Learn to play “Imagine” on piano


Run the New York marathon

Run the Boston Marathon

Watch sea turtle hatchlings journey to the sea

Get married (eventually)

Become a mom (eventually) 

Adopt a child

Go skydiving 

Speak with Woody Allen

Change 10 lives 

Visit children’s hospitals frequently 

Always have things to cross of my list

Partake in a midnight run

Visit a leper colony

Own my dream home

Go to a country concert

Volunteer in a third world country for (at least) a month

Don’t miss a single Sunday Mass for a year

Buy a trampoline for my kids (secretly purchase it for myself) 

Learn to play guitar

Go to a music festival

Speak with Wes Anderson

Buy myself a car

Get invited to the Festival de Cannes

Read the entire Bible

See London at Christmas


Take a cooking class in Italy

Veganize every non-vegan recipe in a cookbook

Take a cooking class in France

Perfect vegan macarons

Eat jackfruit

Try vegan crustaceans

Host a vegan potluck

Make a watermelon cake

Create the perfect vegan brownie recipe

Eat all my fear foods


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