Feel Good Friday

101 Things to be Thankful for this Weekend


YOU MADE IT THROUGH ANOTHER WEEK! Congratulations- I’m so proud of you!

What could possibly make this moment any better?

The first edition of Feel Good Friday could!

That’s right- I’m hitting you with another post “series” or whatever you want to call it, and I’m just over the moon about it!!

I’m already loving this one a ton. Just typing it up made me so happy. Feel Good Fridays will consist of things to feel good about, even if all that comes to mind is the fact that we’ve made it through another work week. It will be a compilation of posts that I know would make me happy and hype for the weekend, and I hope they make you feel that way, too.

Here’s your first Feel Good Friday Post- 101 things that make life so extraordinary.

  1. Fridays, of course!
  2. Philosophers…think about it.
  3. Disney Channel or ABC Family (Freeform- whatever) movie marathons around the holidays
  4. Hotel pillows
  5. Grocery bags
  6. Parents
  7. Warm socks
  8. Landing in the perfect position as soon as you get in bed
  9. Indian food
  10. Heartbeats
  11. Deodorant
  12. Indoor bathrooms with plumbing
  13. Camera phones
  14. St. Jude’s
  15. Carrots
  16. Blooper reels
  17. Sunlight shining through very tall evergreens
  18. Military homecomings
  19. Public transportation
  20. The kindness of strangers
  21. Warm rice
  22. Pretty pencil sketches
  23. Someone playing with your hair
  24. Perfecting a recipe
  25. Color
  26. Vineyards…or wine…both.
  27. People with awesome laughs
  28. Change
  29. PETA
  30. Exercise
  31. Rest days
  32. Faith
  33. Impressionism
  34. Events like the Olympics and the World cup that prove, yes, the whole world can actually hang out.
  35. Clean water
  36. Tears 
  37. Movies
  38. Air conditioning
  39. Running
  40. The crunch of leaves
  41. Tummy rolls
  42. Slow cookers
  43. Dancing
  44. Potatoes
  45. Health food stores
  46. Canned pumpkin in smoothies
  47. Ordering in food
  48. Recovery from anything
  49. Snapchat filters
  50. Elderly people with a sarcastic sense of humor
  51. Daydreams
  52. Thunderstorms 
  53. Bike shops
  54. Cabs
  55. Good advice
  56. Olives
  57. Taylor Swift songs
  58. The ridiculously wonderful plethora of unneeded but, oh, so necessary items in the home sections of TJ Maxx and Marshalls
  59. Your neighborhood
  60. Pinterest ideas
  61. College acceptance or denial letters…either one means you’re one step closer to where you’re meant to be
  62. Perfect hikes
  63. The first Christmas Card of the year
  64. Baby pictures
  65. High definition anything
  66. New school supplies
  67. Volunteering
  68. Blogging
  69. Travel
  70. Seasonal flavors like cinnamon and peppermint
  71. Confusing poems that suddenly make perfect sense
  72. Sourdough
  73. Old pictures on Photo Booth
  74. Tomorrow
  75. Insurance
  76. The United States of America
  77. Spaghetti squash. Kabocha squash. Butternut squash. Squash.
  78. Music
  79. The “notes” app
  80. Fireworks
  81. Museums
  82. That worn out t-shirt you should have stopped wearing years ago (and that you will wear for years to come)
  83. Fresh fruit
  84. Day old soup
  85. Friends
  86. Education
  87. Your first paycheck
  88. Slim Aarons
  89. A bomb cup of tea
  90. The customer service rep that actually helps
  91. Mushrooms
  92. Europe
  93. Being able to laugh at things that used to make you cry
  94. Scary movies
  95. Weird moments at a red light with the people in the car next to you
  96. The “I love you” before hanging up the phone
  97. Farmers’ markets
  98. Early morning mist
  99. The perfect quote
  100. Sautéed vegetables
  101. Yourself

Share a smile once in a while!





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