Fitness · workout wednesday

Cardio/Shoulder Workout

Hey, ya’ll!! 

Guess what….I’m officially moved into my dorm! But not really; I have yet to actually sleep in my dorm because who does that when there’s  air-conditioning, a queen size bed, and a conveniently located tea station waiting in a hotel?? Also, being the baby I am, I can’t bring myself to do it just yet! That would be too utterly official. The place looks so lovely- I’d hate to drench it in a deluge of tears right away. 

Starting tomorrow, though, it’s the place I’ll call home!!

How exciting.

 Moving in is A PROCESS. A very intense, focus-requiring process that we began at 8 a.m., so I had to squeeze in a quick workout at 6:30, before we left! 

Here it is 🙂 

is turning

Work those shoulders, stakeholders!



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