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Dorm Headboard DIY

Hey everyone!

I’m not exactly sure what to categorize this post under…I intended to make it a Syracuse Saturday post, because I AM OFFICIALLY AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY

…but it wasn’t ready in time!!

I haven’t really been able to post over these first few days at this novelty we call college. Things have been terrifying, exciting, and overwhelming all at the same time.

We’re goin from this…

To this…

Then this…

Then back to this

Essentially, I’m still looking for the right words to do full justice to what I’m feeling, but an update is coming soon!!

IMG_3140 (1)

In the interim, enjoy this lovely ‘lil Dorm Headboard DIY. It’s never too late to spruce up your dorm with a headboard….especially when they’re this easy to make. They just add so much to your #dormvibe!!

What You’ll Need

Plywood– I purchased mine at Home Depot. They were kind enough to cut it down into a 3 ft X 3 ft square, which is about the exact size of my dorm bed’s frame. I wanted a simple square look for my frame but there are several ways to shape your frame with a jigsaw saw. Here are some ideas:


1-2 bags quilt batting– I opted for two bags to make it extra plush

Staple gun

Staples FOR the staple gun #details

Fabric– I believe I got 6 ft x 6 ft from Mood, which is the best place ever besides their fur section.


  1. Measure and cut your batting. You should be able to fold at least 5 inches over the edges of the plywood.
  2. Staple the batting to the plywood by evenly folding it over the edges and securing it to the back of the plywood with staples. Make sure the batting is flatly spread over the front of the board, so that it doesn’t look creased under the fabric.IMG_2824
  3. Iron out your fabric if it’s wrinkled. The fabric I chose can’t be ironed, and luckily didn’t have many wrinkles, but we’re not trying to place a giant raisin over your head, so I recommend ironing.IMG_2833
  4. Lay the fabric over the batting on your headboard, hold it tightly around the edges of the board (without stretching it), and secure it to the back with staples. 
  5. Flip your headboard over and say “Move over Martha Stewart!”

IMG_2836 (4)

IMG_2843 (1)

Eat your gourds, headboards!



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