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Seeing Breath


This morning, I experienced something new.

For the first time ever, I went for a run in my new home.


I’d been wanting to run on campus for a while, but for the first few days, even as early as 6 a.m. I was literally melting. I was also afraid of running alone and possibly becoming a news headline, so I’ve been sticking to gym workouts between classes and, I’ll admit, they’ve been pretty amazing.

But this.

This was a game changer.

My lovely neighbor across the hall (if you’re reading this, heyy girl) and I decided we’d be running buddies and headed out pretty early.We originally planned on using an app to pace ourselves, but my watch wasn’t working and her app was quite confused. So, we chose to run. Just run. For the first time in a long time, I made a willing decision to shake structure and expectations loose, and simply go with the flow. The best part was, I wasn’t doing it alone.

Actually, I did something else that I haven’t done in a while.

I saw God.

I saw Him absolutely everywhere, and in everything.

I saw Him in the bold sunlight that grasped every chance to pour through windows and in between buildings. I saw Him in the leaves that looked a bit greener than usual. He was in the ivy that seemed to be testing itself by climbing higher than ever up old brick walls. He was the hope in the jubilant squirrels who scurried along with faith that today, that perfect acorn may be theirs. I heard him in our small talk about this crazy, new place, how much we love and miss our families, and how exciting, but unclear the future is. I saw him in the silent clouds of breath in front of our faces as we undertook hilly areas. I felt him in my tingling legs when we came back to the warmth of our dorm, and in my smile when I realized I hadn’t had that fantastic of a run in a while.

It’s been rather tough to adjust to this new atmosphere, workload, food, community, and overall lifestyle, but today, I feel a bit more at home.

I mark my territory by pounding pavement. It’s something I do on the streets of my city, down all the shorelines I can find, and in every city I visit. Why? Because every time I do decide to lace up and check out novel places, I get a reminder. I know God is with us always, everywhere, and in everything, but it can be so easy to forget to look for Him. When I run, however, it’s difficult not to look, because it’s just so easy to see. It’s like His glory is being thrusted upon me everywhere I turn.

So, this is your reminder to look around today!




Take a deep breath. Smile. Get moving! Say, “Hi,” to every passerby. Look down at flowers, and up at clouds. God is there.

Or, stay in your bed, brew some tea, and pick out the best book on your shelf. He’s there, too!


Happy Syracuse Saturday!




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