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What Every Girl Needs to Hear


Sometimes, when you least expect them to, people make magic in your life.

This magic may be made with great effort or entirely by accident.

It may come in the form of a hug or a kiss. They may gift it through a wonderful meal. Perhaps it can be found in something as simple as a smile. Or maybe in the form of a URL…


It’s Feel Good Friday, but for some reason I just wasn’t feeling good on this Friday. At all. It happens, right?

But then a little magic was tossed into my day and it put a lot into perspective.

My best pal opted for the last-mentioned form of magic and sent me the link to a video that spun my day in a 180°. Mind reader, am I right??

The video was exactly what I needed…both for me and for a great Feel Good Friday post.

It is on rare occasion that I sit a watch YouTube video that is longer than four minutes, but closing this video wasn’t even an option for me. Grab some headphones and listen up, ladies. This matters.

I’ve never heard such heartfelt and important words being shared with young women who, more than anything, need to hear exactly what Noah spoke about.

Can you imagine the effect that words like this would have on women if they heard them from fathers, mothers, brothers, uncles, and EACH OTHER, not just in eighth grade, but in the first grade, sixth grade, eleventh grade, and into adulthood?

I’m certain that in speeches like this, lies the power to melt away the insane, plastic ideals that have consumed society for far too long.


I hope you feel good because you really should!



3 thoughts on “What Every Girl Needs to Hear

  1. This is a wonderful post dear and I could not agree more! Especially the one about being enough is soooo important! I want to print it and put it on my fridge so that I can see it every day 😀
    Sending much love!
    Rosa Larissa Klara
    conscious lifestyle of mine


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