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6 Autumnal Things to do Around Syracuse

If you are reading this, congratulations!! You survived Monday and that, my friend, is an accomplishment.

As a reward, I present to you a trippy lil Trippy Tuesday post containing some autumnal activities to partake in around Cuse.

None of these are too far from campus and it’s essential to do them before we all start looking like this.

1. Backpack down Carpenter Falls.

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I spent last Sunday doing this and, gee whiz, was it a blast. There are definitely some challenging parts so don’t expect to get away with Sperry’s or Supergas. Pack some water, a camera, a bag of granola, and a great attitude, because, I promise, you will fall. But the #views are worth it! 

2. Visit Skaneateles


You know that picture-perfect, movie-set-worthy, “is this place real?” town that people talk about when someone mentions “settling down”? This is it. And it’s everything you’ve ever imagined. With its intriguingly quaint coffee shops, friendly locals, and mind-blowing lakeside views, Skaneateles has everything you need for a perfect weekend getaway…or a white picket fence house and a minivan

3. Explore Boldt Castle



I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again- Boldt is an absolute must-do when you’re in CNY. How can you say no a chance to step into a fairytale?

4. Check out the Central NY Regional Market

061408MarketSM2.jpg photo by: Stephanie Makosky Busy hands purchase fresh produce for cheap prices at the crowded CNY Regional Market.

The CNY Regional Market is about a seven minute drive from campus and offers a massive farmer’s market on Thursdays and Saturdays, and an even bigger flea market on Sundays! You’ll find everything from mozzarella-stuffed bread loaves, to yellow watermelon, to vintage Syracuse apparel in this splendid setting.

5. Hike through Green Lakes State Park

Green Lakes State Park


Breathtaking, amiright? Green Lakes is only a 25 minute drive from campus and offers more than water magical enough to convince you you’re in the Caribbean. Take advantage of the pavilions and the hiking and biking trails. Oh, and if you’re trying to squeeze in a few more golf matches before frostbite becomes a threat, Green Lakes also has a stunning course.

6. Kayak or canoe in Jamesville

Kayaking in autumn colours
Row boats, canoes, and kayaks, oh my! They’re all waiting to be rented at Jamesville Beach Park (a 20 minute drive from campus) for just $10 an hour. It’s the perfect place to prove to yourself that you totally could have been on the rowing team.

Have an awesome autumn!




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