80 Signs You Grew Up In New York City


Because I’m back, back in the New York groove for the weekend, I thought I’d write a little post about all the things that make this place so dang awesome.

If you know New York, you know it’s one heck of a town. If you were born and raised here, you’ll probably agree that your childhood was an experience like no other. 


Here are 80 signs you grew up in NYC

1. You know every automated subway recording by heart.

2. If you wiggle it just right, you don’t have to pay for a Citi Bike.

3. You know that if someone is getting on the “train”, he/she is getting on the subway.
4. You have no reason to go to Times Square unless you’re getting on the shuttle or trying to excite people from out-of-town.
5. You know the “Stop” and “Walk” signs are really just a courtesy to tourists.
6. You make cab drivers take your route because you’re certain it’s faster than theirs.
7. If you smile at someone on the street, there’s an 92% chance they won’t smile back…if they do, they’re probably not from the city.

8. Your high school application process was just as complicated as your college application process.

9. A coffee and a BEC from a coffee cart are the only things that get you through your morning. If you don’t know what a BEC is, you probably didn’t grow up in the city.

10. People are shocked when they hear how old you were when you started commuting by yourself.
11. You constantly talk about how broke you are from eating out but you keep eating out anyway.
12. You’ve called a restaurant back several times to find out where the %*#$ your food was.
13. 212 rings a bell…and I don’t mean the area code.
14. You brag about having never gone to the Statue of Liberty.
15. When you hear someone say, “It’s brick outside,” you know they’re not referring to a building material.
16. You’ve posted at least one picture of extremely aesthetic food that you paid too much for on one of your social media platforms.
17. You have no problem knocking into tourists who stop in the middle of the sidewalk.
18. You avoid making eye contact with people when you don’t want to give up your seat on the bus or subway.
19. You give dirty looks to people who don’t give up their seat on the bus or subway.
20. You took advantage of the bars around NYU.
21.  NO ONE can jaywalk like you can jaywalk.
22. You know where to find the closest bathroom from any given point in the city.
23. If you hear “Please, do not stand in the rear doorwell,” more than once, you obnoxiously turn to the back of the bus to give the stink eye.
24. You went through a “soft grunge” phase and took photos in places that make the city look filthy.
25. You know and love the margarita guy from the great lawn.
26. You had school even when every other county got a snow day.
27. You’ve been called a “city kid”.
28. Rats are members of your daily commute.
29. You’ve picked up a MetroCard from the ground and talked about it for days if there was money on it.
30. You think your borough is the best borough.
31. Announcing locations that you recognize in the city while watching movies and TV shows is one of your hobbies.
32. When you say, “the city,” you assume everyone knows you mean Manhattan.
33. You’ve pounded on the side of a bus as it pulled away because YOU KNOW the driver saw you.
34. You just put in headphones when someone on the train starts screaming about the end of the world.
35. You’ve walked down the middle of an empty street after a blizzard.
36. If you hear the subway arriving below you, you become an Olympic runner.
37. You’ve posted about how much you hate the MTA on social media…even though you know you can’t live without the MTA.
38. You took field trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History.
39. You’ve gotten on the wrong train…many, many times.
40. You make fun of tourists who take “touristy” pictures, but watching them secretly makes you really proud to be from NYC.
41. You Facebook messaged Dante de Blasio during a snowstorm to ask if his dad was cancelling school.
42. You think you could raise your kids here but you’re not sure if it’s a good idea.
43. When you hear someone say, “I’m mad,” you ask, “Mad what?”
44. You genuinely question the intellect of someone trying to hail a cab whose light isn’t on.
45. You’re not surprised when you see naked people in public…as long as they’re homeless or crazy.
46. Subway performances never fail to impress you, but you have yet to give the performers money.
47. You feel proud when you successfully give directions to tourists.
48. ALL you want is to run into HONY.
49. You’ve used the clock in Grand Central as a headquarters for meeting up with friends.
50. You consider anything north of Yonkers “upstate.”
51. You stereotype people from each borough and are surprised when you meet people who don’t fit those stereotypes.
52. You think a $7 dollar drink is a steal.
53. You say you’re standing “on line” not “in line.”
54. You’re starting to notice gentrification and it’s making you angry.
55. You think it’s cute when tourists take fliers from people on the street.
56. You feel like an OG if you have a 212 or 917 area code.
57. Walking through TV and movie sets on the street is nothing out of the ordinary.
58. You walk to your destination in a zigzag to avoid stopping for lights.
59. You try not to laugh when people who aren’t from NYC say they know what “good” pizza tastes like.
60. 90% of your tupperware consists of takeout containers
61.You’ve been shat on by a pigeons. A lot.
62. You’ve had to buy “Cold wata one dolla!!” water before.
63. You will travel vast distances (aka leave your borough) and wait in line for hours to eat at a restaurant you’ve wanted to try .
64. The thought of Times Square on New Year’s Eve makes you want to pound your head against a wall.
65. You’ve muted your actual TV to listen to your neighbors argue.
66. You know what a bagel is supposed to taste like.
67. You’ve slammed your fist against the hood of a car for getting to close to you even though you didn’t have the right of way.
68. People are surprised if you know how to drive (but there’s a good chance you don’t).
69.  You know the holiday season has begun when you see the shops have been set up in Bryant Park and Union Square.
70. You’ve learned to act like you’re not suffocating when the air smells like an outhouse in the middle of summer.
71. It is physically impossible for you to walk as slowly as people who aren’t from NYC.
72. Saturday Night Live speaks to you on a personal level.
73. You get a kick out of showing people the Whispering Gallery in Grand Central.
74. You hate when Obama comes to town because it messes up your commute.
75. You start laughing when someone tries to argue that Los Angeles is better than New York City.
76. You’ve been in, or have come close to being in a fist fight with someone over a cab.
77. You’ve saved MetroCard swipes by squeezing two people through a subway turnstile.
78.  You’re waiting for the day you get a ticket for squeezing two people through a subway turnstile.
79.  As you get older, you realize more and more that the city is actually like a small town…everyone knows everyone.
80. You take pride in the fact that you’re from such an amazing place and make sure that everyone knows it.

Stay chic, city freak!



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