Sweet Potato Toast

Hey what’s up? It’s been a while! I must admit I’ve been more preoccupied by this thing called “life” and less preoccupied by EnoughElizabeth for the past month or so… and it’s been wonderful. As much as I love posting, sometimes a sweet little potion combining distraction, chaos, and a splash of writer’s block is poured and served at just the right time to remind us of what really matters.

Nonetheless, I’m back and ready to share more thoughts and ideas- food related and not!


If you’ve been scrolling on any food websites or plant-based social media accounts lately, you may have notices a growing trend that involves everybody’s favorite root. It’s a little thing called sweet potato toast and it is heaven on earth.


If you haven’t tried it you are certainly missing out! Sweet potato toast is easy and doesn’t take long to make (as long as you don’t lose a few slices in the abyss of your toaster; lesson- learned).

Here’s the recipe for a vitamin B, C, and fiber-rich, gluten-free breakfast (or lunch, dinner, and snack) and some topping ideas to spice up your slice.


  • Sweet potato
  • Any preferred toppings (the possibilities are endless)


  1. Cut sweet potato lenghth-wise into 1/4 inch thick “toast slices”
  2. Carefully place them in your toaster or confectioners oven (even a regular oven will work and can be helpful when making large batches of toast.
  3. Toast on a high setting until each piece has browned on the outside and tenderized on the inside. If using an oven, toast at 450°F for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Top with anything you please! I used butter, guacamole, dried fruit and nuts, vegan cheese, jam, hummus, seasoned tofu, almond butter and nana, and persimmon with lime juice! Too good and amazingly satisfying.

Stay sweet, little beet!



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