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Basic Vegan Sugar Cookies

I think we can all agree that Christmas feels a bit more like Christmas when some time is spent baking, decorating, and eating cookies with loved ones. There’s just something so wonderfully classic about turning a bit of flour and sugar into a something beautiful and festive! I made these basic (but, oh, so delicious)… Continue reading Basic Vegan Sugar Cookies

College · Recipes · Trippy Tuesday

Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake

Heyo! Happy Trippy Tuesday!  We’ve got less than 48 hours until Thanksgiving arrives and you know what that means… it’s time for another pumpkin recipe!  This time you’ve got a bomb lil bundt cake coming your way. I served the cake to my family last weekend and they loved it! When I say this one… Continue reading Pumpkin Spice Bundt Cake

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6 Autumnal Things to do Around Syracuse

If you are reading this, congratulations!! You survived Monday and that, my friend, is an accomplishment. As a reward, I present to you a trippy lil Trippy Tuesday post containing some autumnal activities to partake in around Cuse. None of these are too far from campus and it’s essential to do them before we all start… Continue reading 6 Autumnal Things to do Around Syracuse

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Oatgurt Recipe

Happy Trippy Tuesday, everyone!   If you’re an active member of the cooking, raw, or vegan communities, or just happen know a lot of random stuff, you may have heard of oatgurt…but probably not. Oatgurt is the result of fermenting oats overnight to create a raw, probiotic-rich, and delicious dish. This isn’t exactly that. But it’s close! This is my version… Continue reading Oatgurt Recipe

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Trippy Black Bean Brownies

Happy Trippy Tuesday, everyone!! Yep, it’s time for another “first” of a series!! This time around, things are getting trippy. What is that supposed to mean?? I haven’t heard that word since my drunk uncle told his ever-changing, half-made-up Woodstock stories last Thanksgiving! Well the word “trippy” is defined as… ˈtripē/ adjective informal 1. resembling or inducing… Continue reading Trippy Black Bean Brownies